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We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate technicians.

Always looking for the best solution for the client. We work with TOP quality products, to guarantee a trouble free installation for many years to come. We incorporate the latest technology to give maximum comfort and full control.

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To provide you with the best possible solution.

Solar energy is vital to support life on earth, it helps to grow our food, light our days, influence weather patterns, provide heat, and can be used to generate solar electricity.

It is really the time now to start changing to solar energy, with the ever rising prices of the fossil energy.

You can generate you own clean energy and become less dependent from the big energy companies.


With a small installation of 3 Solar Panels we have reduced our electricity bills by 40%.
Many thanks for helping us reducing our cost of living!

A. Mensink, Javea

A big thank you to the wonderful team of Natural Solar, you made may dream come true! Living in the beautiful countryside in rural Spain without being connected to any mains. You are the best

Reiny Marjan, Alcalali